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Are you ready to make a fresh start? The economy is in bad shape, and that affects many of us.  You may find that you are unable to pay your debts as they come due.  There comes a time when you realize that throwing money into the debt hole isn't getting you anywhere.  Bankruptcy can provide you with a fresh start.  John M. Lally is a Louisville lawyer who has been providing bankruptcy services since 1992.  You may be able to eliminate debt while keeping your home, your car, and your belongings.  Lally Law Office provides Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Services. Now may be the time!  Call (502) 896-4529 and get started on your goal of becoming debt free.

Lally Law Office, PLLC Since 1992, John Lally has been engaged in the practice of Bankruptcy law in Louisville Kentucky.  Our law firm is located in the Crescent Hill neighborhood and is conveniently located to many areas of the city. We have off-street parking for your convenience.  The Lally Law Office will use our best efforts to resolve your legal issues.

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Louisville Lawyer, John M. Lally, Attorney at Law, Louisville Kentucky

If you need a Louisville lawyer, give us a call. We provide Bankruptcy services for Louisville and surrounding areas in Kentucky.

Contact us:   You can contact us online or call (502) 896-4529.  Visit on Facebook.